• Isaac Haslock

Child Care Centre Cleaning Services

Updated: Mar 10


So have you noticed that there are many surfaces negatively impacting the cosmetics of your childcare centre?

If you start from the front, you may notice that the curb in front of your childcare centre is full of mould and slime, or the external walls have become dirty from all the dust.

This is the first area in which high pressure cleaning would come to the rescue.

If you look further, you will notice that on your driveway you have a buildup of rust, mould and other slimy substances.

So what can you expect from our pressure cleaning equipment? Quite a lot is the answer as it effectively removes graffiti, algae, mould, dirt, dust, grease and any other unwanted substances. The cosmetic enhancement it provides for your house or property is quite incredible. Furthermore, with the corona-virus now being so devastating, we can also add a disinfectant to our cleaning solutions to sanitise the surfaces to prevent further germs from returning. By applying eco friendly products to your child care centre this will help ensure all those nasty germs are killed.

If you require any kind of one off or ongoing pressure cleaning services on the Brisbane, Gold Coast or Northern NSW, Get Wet Cleaning Services can definitely help.

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