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Commercial Window Cleaning Gold Coast and Brisbane

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Get Wet Cleaning Services looks after many commercial properties for their window cleaning requirements. The serviced areas include:

-Gold Coast Commercial Window Cleaning

-Brisbane Commercial Window Cleaning

and -Surrounding Gold Coast and Brisbane suburbs.

Commercial Properties Window Cleaning for:

-Surf clubs

-Body corporates

-Shop fronts

-Shopping centers

-Child care facilities

and -Hotels, just to name a few.

How are we able to clean those high windows safely?

Thats simple, as we use to most up-to-date equipment. Get Wet Cleaning Services can offer our customers safe window cleaning up to 4 stories high from the ground, using our lightweight fibre glass window cleaning pole.

Mounted on our window cleaning vehicles is the most up-to-date pure water, window cleaning system from Ionic Systems Australia. This system allows us to turn up to our job and all we need is a tap too supply water. Once the water is connected to our window cleaning system the water then goes through 4 filters, Carbon, Sediment, Reverse Osmosis and finally a resin bed. After the water has travelled through our filtration system it then comes out at 0ppm which is the requirement to get a spot free result with window cleaning. The water is fed through our window cleaning hose with a pump to boost the pressure and fed up through our carbon fibre window cleaning pole and out 4 pencil jets on a window cleaners brush to then allow us to professionally clean the external windows.

Get Wet Cleaning Services:

-Fully Insured, public liability up to $20 million

-Can offer Commercial Window Cleaning Contracts for Gold Coast, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

-Use the most up-to-date equipment

-Use pure water system

-Option to use Deionised water

-Spot free clean windows.

Call Isaac on 0411 085 949 for a professional, commercial window cleaning quote today.

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