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Gold Coast

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

If you want to visit a city which has thousands of reviews for having the best beaches and places for tourism near Brisbane, and the best attractions in Queensland, you probably cannot do better than visit the Gold Coast.

So why is the Gold Coast such an awesome tourism destination in Queensland?

What makes the Gold Coast such an incredible spot with places and attractions that cause it to have so many reviews as a city?

Well, if you check trip advisor for a day adventure and you plan to visit some amazing places on the Gold Coast where you can experience the world’s best beaches,

attractions, parks and restaurants, then you will quickly see what makes the Gold Coast in Queensland such an amazing city in 2020.

Let’s start with the attractions and what gets a lot of reviews, especially from a tourism point of view what makes the Gold Coast City so much nicer than Brisbane when it comes to places?

The Gold Coast city is a metropolitan area just south of Brisbane on the far eastern side of Australia.

It has the most amazing long sandy beaches with surfing areas and a very sophisticated system of waterways and inland canals.

cleaned this glass balustrade at pepper resort. the apartment has views on the entire gold coast coastline. Can see from broadbeach right through to surfers paradise.

Here you can find world famous theme parks such as Sea World, Wet and Wild, Hollywood’s Movie World and Dreamworld.

Inland, in the hinterland there are some great hiking trails that Criss-cross the Lamington National Park with great pathways through the ridges and valleys.

It is also home to some rare birds and the most amazing rainforest areas.

In the Gold Coast city itself, you will find an incredible array of international restaurants to cater for any taste.

Aside from the many places that provides awesome opportunities for photos, you can take a trip to all the parks for the day.

The wide variety of beaches, places, parks and restaurants means that you would not have to book up front in order to ensure yourself a fun outdoor day on the beach, or some remote island with long extended holiday events.

The Gold Coast is located at the following coordinates Coordinates:

28°01′0″S 153°24′0″E Coordinates: 28°01′0″S 153°24′0″E

Some of the best suburbs on the Gold Coast include the Broadwater, which offers an awesome selection of restaurants and other tourism attractions.

Burleigh is another suburb which is great for surfing, and then you also get Coomera, Currumbin, Mermaid Beach, Mudgeeraba and Southport, one of the Gold Coast’s oldest and most established suburbs.

Surfers Paradise is the main tourism city and is a world-renowned icon for surfing and for having the very best sandy beaches in south-east Queensland.

Nightshift in broadbeach as we pressure cleaned kurrawa surf club. We used a number of methods to externally clean this building. Used our soft wash method but also incorporated high pressure cleaning.

the Gold Coast is located in the Australian state of Queensland, which has an area of approximately 66 km² .

It is a major tourism destination with beautiful weather, highlighted by a sunny subtropical climate

It has become world-renowned for its excellent surfing, its fun high-rise apartment dominated skyline, theme parks with a great nightlife and rainforest hinterland for those who like hiking and camping.

As for some places and attractions you want to visit, please check out the beaches along the Gold Coast 860 km long tidal waterways.

If you read the reviews, you will see that the Gold Coast city in Queensland also has great resorts and hotels, most of them with shimmering drenched sands and great weather.

You can surf all along these epic waves better than almost any other surfing spots you can find with regard to the amount of sun and surfing conditions.

Another great attraction in terms of personal safety is that it has Australia’s largest professional Surf life saving service, so where ever you want to catch some waves you will know there are professional lifesavers taking care of your survival, no matter how rough the waves.

The Queensland shark control program is one of our Department of Primary Industries departments to protect swimmers and tourists from sharks.

Lifeguards are also trained to clear swimmers from the waves if it is considered that there might be a shark around. Call now for high pressure cleaning gold coast

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