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High-Pressure Cleaning vs. Soft Washing. What's the Difference?

If you are thinking about getting your patio or deck cleaned, there is no better way than getting it pressure washed. With the weather wreaking havoc on the exterior of your home, getting it spruced up with a good house washing, Gold Coast is a great idea so you can get back to those Sunday afternoon barbeques.

While pressure washing is the quickest way to get rid of all that grime, there is another option – soft washing.

a double image displaying a driveway before and after pressure washing

Why Choose High-Pressure and Soft Wash Cleaning?

There are many benefits to high-pressure cleaning and soft washing; these include:

  • Preventing future damage: Mold and grime can build up on your house, and if not treated, it can cause damage to the siding of your house and eat away at the paint.

  • Health: Germs, mould, and mildew can be harmful to you and your family's health. Consider house washing, Gold Coast.

  • Hold your property value: Neglecting the mould and grime can cause damage to your property. By regularly pressure washing it, you can hold the property's value.

  • Eco-friendly: most pressure washing systems use eco-friendly cleaning products, so it is safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Let's explore the differences so you can choose the house washing that is best for you.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing uses high-pressure water to remove mould, mud, loose paint, and grime from surfaces. The benefit of high-pressure washing is that you can clean hard surfaces that seem impossible to clean, such as houses, cars, patios, and concrete surfaces.

The con of high-pressure cleaning is that if not done by professionals, you can damage plants, paint, or surfaces on your home.

a rooftop being pressure cleaned displaying the before and after

Soft Washing

Soft washing uses low pressure with special cleaning solutions to remove bacteria, algae, and mildew safely. You can clean your roof, outdoor wood furniture, vinyl siding, and screens.

One of the significant benefits of soft washing is that it uses low pressure, so there is less damage to plants, outdoor furniture, fences, and plants.

High Pressure Cleaning vs. Soft Washing

Choosing between high pressure cleaning Gold Coast and soft washing depends on what you want to clean. If you want hard concrete, pebblestone, or bricks cleaned on your driveway, then high pressure cleaning is the way to go. If you want your white picket fence cleaned, soft washing can get the job done without damaging the wood or paint.

How does it work?

High pressure washing requires an outdoor tap, and the water gets pressurised from various pumps powered by an engine forcefully spraying the water. There isn't a lot of pressure to clean surfaces when soft washing. Instead, it uses water and detergents or chemicals to clean.

The Verdict

High pressure cleaning Gold Coast or soft washing? Well, that depends on what you need to be cleaned in your home. Consider high pressure cleaning on your hard surfaces followed by soft washing with a cleaning solution for the rest of the home.

Whatever your preference, Get Wet Cleaning Services in Gold Coast can get the job done! Contact us for your residential and commercial cleaning needs!

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