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Residential Window Cleaning Gold Coast

Updated: Mar 10

With 5 star google reviews its safe to say Get Wet Cleaning Services are the trusted gold coast window cleaners. With up to 60% of our customer base residential we are extremely dedicated to providing outstanding window cleaning results.

Steps we follow to cleaning the windows at a residential property......

Firstly we like to welcome all our window cleaning customers with a huge smile, followed by then asking our customers if they have any questions before we start. Now depending on what services the customer has asked for, we can provide washing of screens, cleaning of mirrors, window cleaning inside and out and cleaning of tracks by using a vacuum cleaner or wiping them out depending on how dirty they are.

What services can you provide me?

Isaac from Get Wet Cleaning Services has precision window cleaning skills and an eye for detail. With over 8 years experience in window cleaning on the gold coast, Isaac has done many different jobs which allows him to complete the window cleaning too a high standard.

You may be wondering how we are going too clean some of those inaccessible windows which you find hard or impossible to get too. With years of experience cleaning windows on the gold coast we have found the correct methods to cleaning those hard to get to windows safely. We have long poles that can clean windows up to 4 stories high safely from the ground or if needed we can use ladders to clean those hard to get to windows.

Now I've saved the best to last ( Louvre Windows ). Now you have probably tried cleaning these windows before and realized that they can be quite time consuming and the results may not be as easy to get as you first thought. Well not to worry as Get Wet Cleaning Services has found the correct method to cleaning louvre windows. We can guarantee our results will have your windows looking as clean as ever.

Get in contact with our friendly team today 0411 085 949 and see why so many Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW residents choose Get Wet Cleaning Services as there preferred gold coast window cleaner.

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