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Tennis Court Cleaning Gold Coast

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Noticed your tennis court has become run down, dirty or even dangerous due too becoming dirty or mouldy on the surface? Well don't worry as Get Wet Cleaning services are the number one for gold coast pressure cleaning of tennis courts.

look at the results this tennis court received after we pressure cleaned it in nerang

Why should i clean my tennis court? Well thats simple, the surface can become quite dangerous if regular pressure cleaning isn't undertaken. The surface of the tennis court can become mouldy which can cause slips and falls. By pressure cleaning your tennis court this could also have a huge appeal to make people want to come and enjoy a game of tennis. Many gold coast resorts, body corporates, council facilities and homes have tennis courts. The team at Get Wet Cleaning Services has you covered for any pressure cleaning required.

Should i pressure clean my artificial tennis court ? The answer is no as by using pressure can damage your court which can cause the sand to be removed. Get Wet Cleaning Services can offer the safe solution to cleaning your artificial tennis court. Call us to find out more about our gold coast tennis court cleaning.

dirty artificial tennis court at a home we maintain in bundle. This home has a beautiful outdoor area.

here are the results from our tennis court clean. this court requires ongoing tennis court maintenance

Should I pressure clean my hardcourt tennis court? The answer is yes you can but by using the correct techniques. That is where Get Wet Cleaning services uses there extensive knowledge on pressure cleaning and soft washing. We apply the right chemicals to your tennis court to help remove the stubborn dirt and mould. By using chemical it will reduce the need to use a lot of pressure to clean your tennis court. By using low pressure to clean your tennis court this reduces damage to the surface of your tennis court.

This is a picture we took at sailfish cove in mermaid waters on the gold coast old. This is the photo of there tennis court before we cleaned in using our high pressure cleaner.

here is the after photo from our tennis court pressure cleaning we complete at sailfish cove on the gold coast. Beautiful spot right on the canal in mermaid waters.

On the gold coast we are exposed to some extreme weather conditions which can impact your tennis court. This is why pressure cleaning on the gold coast has become very popular. Get Wet Cleaning Services has been apart of the gold coast community for a number of years now. Call our team at Get Wet Cleaning Services to find out why we are the Gold Coast's most trusted Pressure Cleaning company.

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