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Solar Panel Cleaning Gold Coast

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

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So your solar panels have now been on your roof for at least six months, and you have noticed that the amount of current they manage to generate has decreased significantly from the day they were installed.

Not only are your panels generating merely a fraction of the amount of electricity you thought you were going to get in your calculations, but cosmetically it is nothing but an eyesore.

So normal rain obviously would make a big difference in removing the dust and grime build up, but just as it is when you wash your car, there is still a form of dirt that not only makes a huge difference in the amount of energy your solar panels are capable of producing.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix but to clean that panel using our purified water from Ionic Systems Australia that takes all the minerals from the water to give your solar panels a spot free finish. This method uses a soft brush with pencil jetts or purified water to remove the ingrained dirt that will be stuck on your solar panels until you either clean them or get someone with a proper maintenance system to take care of them.

It’s a shame that nature has a way of always messing with perfect equations. In a perfect world, your solar panel glass would never need any energy, tools, equipment or other professional cleaning services in order to keep them operating at peak production levels.

If you take into consideration, the unbelievable care with which you got different quotes for your solar panels, how you researched the best quality inverters and panel classification in order to make sure that you get the most amount of electricity every day, and now, six months down the line your solar panels are dirty and are not producing even 50% of what they should be and you don’t know how to clean your solar panels.

So how does one go about cleaning solar panels?

Well, you can go about it the hard way and clean them yourself, but remember that as you get older, your ability to deal with balancing on heights that are dangerous decreases drastically. So you will need a safety system if you want to get to all those panels safely without causing injury to yourself or damage to your property.

Either that, or you can give us a call at Get Wet Cleaning Services on the Gold Coast. We will come and inspect your solar panels and give you a free quote, either on a one-off basis or as part of the maintenance system where we can come and provide cleaning services for your solar panel glass.

We also specialise in window cleaning on the Gold Coast, and can offer you a deal in which you can get both your solar panels and your windows cleaned in one go.

After all, solar panel cleaning is not something you’ve ever done before.

Is there a particularly easy maintenance system to clean your solar panels?

How easy would it be to clean your solar panels?

Can you stand on the glass in order to clean the others? How much more energy will it give you, and can you just clean your solar panels with water? Is there a kit that provides a simple solution for removing bird poop, and what systems to professional window and solar cleaning panel maintenance services use?

The fact is that cleaning of solar panels does make a huge difference, and can restore the amount of current your solar panels provide by at least 50% if the glass is really dirty and covered with bird poop and dust.

Taking into account that you chose your solar panels for the amount of electricity they would provide, and that your solar panels are long-term investment, it makes sense to get proper maintenance cleaning services to ensure that you are getting the return on investment you were bargaining on.

Our system is used to clean windows and clean solar panels using pure water to provide a spot free result. The water runs through 4 filters which are sediment, carbon, reverse osmosis and resin beads. Our system is of the highest quality from Ionic Systems Australia.

So what does it take to clean a solar panel?

Well, obviously there’s the labour and service involved, and the cleaning of glass requires a water and professional tools and equipment. By using the best quality equipment it means your system will be able to run at its peak performance.

That’s why Get Wet Cleaning Services offers a great solution for solar panel cleaning. Not only do we provide the proper system and service, but we ensure that maintenance cleaning is done on a regular basis and to the highest of standards.

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